The Lily Gray Academy

The training at Lily Gray Academy provides students with many industry opportunities including industry guest speakers, photo shoots, competitions and more!


View our state of the art nine month fourteen hundred hour course.

Starting at $13,500

How It Works

Whether you need a new and profitable career or a second income.

We have the program to fit your needs.

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Six reasons why it’s perfect to start beauty school in the spring/summer:

Find out what you need to get started.


Our school will provide top of the line educators from all over Canada and the US.

And we wont stop there.

A rewarding career in the hairstyling industry starts at Lily Gray Academy

If you’re a professional stylist and you’re looking to perform today’s top trending looks faster and more efficiently than you ever have before while also becoming a more confident and higher paid stylist, then I think you are going to love this.

For starters, it’s certainly unlike any traditional online hair education you have ever seen before.

The reasons why are fourfold:

It Doesn’t “Feel” Like Online Training.

There’s no fluff or filler.

It’s engaging and easy to follow.

You’ll immediately “get” the entire formula i’m personally using to achieve these haircuts at blazing fast speeds.