Welcome to your Master Barber Career

Do you like to cut hair? Good barbers are hard to find, so this can be your time to shine…

As a leader in the industry Lily Gray Academy has developed an innovative hybrid program is like no other, this program is designed for those who want to start their career one step further with this highly in depth, high impact course. This hybrid program focuses on mastering and perfecting shear cuts, clipper cuts, advanced fades, beard design, hot shaves and other skills that will help you become a professionally trained Alberta Licensed Journeymen Barber. Being a hybrid program you have the flexibility on training on campus as well as in a barbershop with practical training with highly educated professionals.

Once your seat is secured, a tool bag will be put together for you that includes all the tools you need. A tripod mannequin holder and grooming products are also included to complete workshops.


The Program’s duration for Term One is four weeks, completed Monday – Saturday

In Term One students performances are evaluated in theory work by means of completing your study guide, quizzes, and exams. Once successfully completing Term One, you will be able to move forward and complete the term two.

Once successfully completing both term one and two of the Program you will leave Lily Gray Academy with a fully recognized certificate the fundamentals of Barbering.

You will have the confidence and advanced skills to become an Alberta Licensed Journeyman Barber.   

Students can expect to learn a variety of hands-on technical skills as well as an extensive coverage of the following topics:


1. The History of Barbering

2. Life Skills – Human Relations

3. Infection Control, First Aid and Microbiology

4. Hair Theory

5. Cutting tools and Essentials

6. Treatment of the Hair and Scalp

7. Shampoo and Condition guest experience

8. Hair Care Product Knowledge

9. Styling tools and essentials

10. Texturizing Techniques

11. Cutting guest experience

12. Barbershop Experience

13. Cutting Guest Experience

14. Hair Theory

15. Hair Care

16. Hair Care Product Knowledge

17. Men’s Facial Treatments 

18. Straight Razor Shaving

19. Beard Design and grooming 

20. Foundational Hair cutting and Styling

21. Tapered Cuts and Fades

22. Styling guest experience

23. Shaving and beard design service 

24. Hair Tattooing

17. The Business of Barbering 



Program Outline - Term 1

Barber Fundamentals – 2 weeks

The Theory portion is done independently and can be on campus or off. You will have a study guide in which you will fill out to help you master your knowledge on all the technical lingo. A test will be given at the end of each module and a passing mark of 70% will be needed to go on.

Total Hour Credits – 80

Program Outline - Term 2

Barber Internship – 5 weeks

This will take place on and off campus. You will review the fundamentals with a focus on hands on practical training, with a mannequin then moving into learning on live models provided by yourself as well as Lily Gray Academy.

For this portion you will need to gather as many models as you can. The model fee is $15.00 per model

On site Schedule

Monday to Saturday 9:00 am to 3:00pm

Total Hour Credits – 240

Program Outline - Term 3

ADVANCED Fundamentals – 2 weeks

After completing Term One and Term Two, you will be heading back to the books on or off campus for more theory including advanced cutting focusing on fades, hot shaves, and beard trims.

Total Hour Credits – 80

Program Outline - Term 4

ADVANCED Internship – 5 weeks

The Final Term of this program is comprised with the majority of hands on practical training with live models and theory review. During the last term you will be advancing the skills you have learned in the previous tiers to become confident and ready for your government practical and theoretical exams. 

On campus Schedule

Monday to Saturday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Total Hour Credits – 240

Masters of Barbering course

Enrolment dates: 650 hours

Pay in 4 Plan

1st Payment of $3495.00 due 2 weeks before Term 1 start date

2nd Payment of $1233.00 due 1st day of Term 2

3rd Payment of $1233.00 due 1st day of Term 3

4th Payment of $1233.00 due 1st day of Term 4

Please contact the admissions advisor for details

Tuition Breakdown

Enrollment Fee – $500

The Barber Tool Bag – $1,695

Tuition – $5,500

Total – $7,194

Enrollment Fee is Non-Refundable.

Due 2 weeks before class starts

We accept E- Transfer and Credit Card payments.

Do I get a Certificate?

Upon completion of the full Masters in Barbering Program, you will receive a certificate from Lily Gray Academy

Reprinting of certificate is available for $25.00

Will I obtain my Journeymen license upon completion of the Masters in Barbering program?

After successfully completing the Masters in Barbering program along with completing 1000hours of on-the-job training as a registered apprentice and passing Government theoretical and practical exams you will become an Alberta Licensed Journeyman Barber.

I have absolutely NO Experience in Barbering, I have never cut anyone’s hair, can I still take the Masters in Barbering?

Yes, this program is designed for complete beginners wishing to become employable barbers. There are no entry requirements. To take this program you must be over the age of 17 and have a basic understanding of English in order to communicate with your educator and to read and write in English.



14 Weeks