Meet The Team

Our Team

Our Team is committed to providing the highest quality of Beauty Education with dedicated staff in the Cosmetology/Beauty Profession. To prepare students to be licensed and gain employment for their chosen field of study. We at Lily Gray will provide a strong educational foundation with practical hands-on learning. Our goals are to be sincerely interested in you and your progress while providing an effective acceptable foundation. Up to date training to prepare you for years of successful business operations.

Team Lily Gray wants to be a part of your success story. Building a better educated progressive group of hairstylist/esthetics, that can better inform consumers and create sustainable salon business’s for future generations.

Iris Fenner

Owner/Lead Instructor

The beauty industry is continually changing, so why are the schools not changing? I have worked endlessly to develop this school into the change it needs, Lily Gray Hair & Aesthetics Academy was developed for you. Education is key and with the passion growing deeper and deeper throughout my years in the industry, I am determined to give my passion  for this industry to you. In my real salon environment, you will learn, have fun and be inspired…. and the best part, after graduation you are always welcome back for any support.

David Fenner

Owner/Educational Manager

I bring many years of management as well as I am a true to detail kind of person. I am excited to have the opportunity to bring you the best of the best in the Hair and Esthetics Industry always bringing new and exciting ways to educate. When I’m not working, I like to spend time with family and friends.